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Non-profit Organization
non-profit business development

Nonprofits face all of the challenges of for profit organizations, with the additional burden of assuring mission success in some of the most difficult operating circumstances imaginable. While some consulting firms think of nonprofits as “just like real companies, only with less business acumen” Camelot Consulting knows better. With more than 2 decades of nonprofit experience we know that the challenges that you face are more complex than most business frequency with far fewer resources.

As a nonprofit your mission is non-negotiable

Camelot’s is an advisor to mission-driven organizations helping them to maximize their global impact. Our consulting engagements focus on systemic results. We help high-potential organizations to realize the realize the promise of their vision. Our Agile Nonprofit™ Framework combines a powerful balance of concepts from lean manufacturing, agile development, values-based leadership and proven business practices to assure mission success.

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Nonprofit Consulting Services
  • Strategy Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Organizational Design Assessment
Organizational Design and Development
  • Vision + Mission + Values Development
  • Strategy Development Planning
  • Systemic Organizational Design
  • Role and Domain Clarity

The most important story you will ever tell is the story that you tell about yourself and to yourself. Our One-day intensive relies heavily on the Power of Story™ to help you write your destiny in business and in life.


You are unique amongst everyone on the planet. You have special gifts, talents, strengths and passions and there is a mission that only you can accomplish. At the end of your one-day session you will have clarity around your unique and compelling purpose.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Leadership Transition Coaching
  • Emerging Leader Coaching
Organizational Effectiveness
  • Values based Cultural Transformation (“Culture in Motion®”)
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Sustainable and Disruptive Innovation
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