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Legendary Leadership

Legendary Leadership ®

The legendary leader has forged a deep connection to their true purpose in life. They understand the four dimensions of Legendary Leadership ® and how to apply their unique strengths to the situation at hand. They know, in to their core, the values and beliefs that drive their behavior. They are in a small group of elite leaders who are confident, capable, high performing. What’s more, they understand why they are here at this point in history. Legendary leaders cultivate a clear mission,they do not waver, and they change the world.

Values in Motion

Values in Motion ®

Because values are reflected in your outward behavior and because they shift over time, our values are always in a state of motion. The Values in Motion® process take you through an in-depth assessment and mapping using over 125 different values in a nearly infinite number of combinations.

Culture in Motion

Culture in Motion ®

Camelot’s Culture in Motion® equips you to pull back the curtain of individual behavior and look closely at the world view of the company on the whole. Understanding the collective world-view of the organization gives unique insights into the stage of development of the company. Once this is clearly understood, a customized approach to business transformation can be created.

Culture in Motion® will enable you to understand the connection between individual values and the desired values of the organization and allow you to lead organizational development and cultural change to fulfill the organization’s mission.

HERvelocity - helping women leaders

HERvelocity ™

We offer you an intentional discovery and development process that helps women leaders to integrate their internal priorities and strengths with their external environment.

Women using HERvelocity find deep fulfillment in becoming their truest selves as leaders and as women. They’ve left behind the times where they have had to compromised by accepting false choices. They’ve become the fully realized leaders they were born to become a woman who holds fast to her internal priorities, while earning respect for her accomplishments and advancement in the workplace.

Non-profit organization consulting

Agile Nonprofit ™

Camelot’s proprietary nonprofit systemic framework is built on a modified version of the Business Model Canvas initially proposed by Alexander Osterwalder. Taking into account the unique attributes that drive nonprofits toward mission success the model creates a fusion of entrepreneurial startup and enterprise management. Placing a strong emphasis on outcomes over profit, Camelot’s framework allows a nonprofit to make incremental or disruptive innovation and plan strategic pivots while assuring mission success.

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