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HERvelocity - Helping women leaders go further faster

Executive coaching for woman leaders to accelerate your success.

Women have the greatest natural potential for legendary leadership. Frequently, however, as a woman in a leadership role your potential is limited by a male-dominated structure that offers you two options. You can compromise your inner priorities to advance, or hold fast to your true self and be held back. Women are asked to lead from their unique gifts, and then dropped into an environment that expects them to act like everyone else. It has become too easy to imitate successful male leadership styles to fit in, but most women find this unfulfilling and unsustainable.

If you want be fulfilled and advance in your career –while remaining faithful to who you were created to be–there is another choice for you. You were made for this moment in history and you were given specific gifts, skills, and abilities to lead–there is a better way.  If you are a woman who wants to succeed beyond gender and be fully realized and fully integrated with herself, then consider HERvelocity™.


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HERvelocity™ helps to accelerate your success by offering:

  • An in-depth assessment of your core values.
  • Better understanding of your unique blend of talents and skills.
  • Alignment of your top strengths with your deepest held desires.
  • A firm grasp of where you are in your leadership journey.
  • A clear vision of where you want to go.
  • An actionable plan for advancing to the next stage of your career.

We offer you an intentional discovery and development process that helps women leaders to integrate their internal priorities and strengths with their external environment. Women using HERvelocity™ find deep fulfillment in becoming their truest selves as leaders and as women. They’ve left behind the times where they have had to compromised by accepting false choices. They’ve become the fully realized leaders they were born to become a woman who holds fast to her internal priorities, while earning respect for her accomplishments and advancement in the workplace.

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Benefits of Leadership Coaching


A Coach can help you to separate the wheat from the chaff and bring clarity to your purpose, your mission, your values and your vision.

Increased Productivity

Coaching helps you reach your full potential every day by reaching your maximum productivity level.

Develop your potential

A Coach will identify your natural potential and will work with you to help you become the best version of yourself.

Increased Self-Confidence

Coaching increases your awareness of the things that make you unique and powerful. As a result you will see increased confidence, improved team connectedness and better work-life balance.

Better decision making

By having an experienced sounding board, you are able to make better decisions faster.

Greater Influence

Your ability to be fully realized as a leader will help you make a greater impact in every area that truly matters to you, both personally and professionally.

Transition to the next leadership level

If you feel stuck, or know that you are going through a difficult transition, a Coach can help you find the clarity, direction and process you need to move to the next level.

Better insight into what makes you unique

A coach can help you to have more influence and increase your leadership effectiveness by giving you practical steps you can take to lead better from your strengths.

Increased leadership impact

Your ability to be fully realized as a leader will help you make a greater impact in every area that truly matters to you, both personally and professionally.

Jim Finwick
Meet Jim Finwick

Jim Finwick is the President of the Camelot Consulting Group. For the past three decades Jim has served in leadership roles in his personal and professional life. Jim’s passion for helping people fully realize their potential is evident in every interaction that you have with him. Jim sees the best in each of us, and is especially skilled at releasing greatness where there was brokenness.


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