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Values in Motion

Values are what gives meaning to a person, drives them and motivates them. Values are consciously chosen priorities, reflected in human behavior and language. They are proof that you are truly unique in this world. Unfortunately, The essential nature of values is often misunderstood and misapplied by leaders. Ask a leader about values and you’ll probably hear things like, “excellence,” “integrity,” or “hard work.” Usually the list includes behaviors that a person (or company) aspires to rather than values that they actually demonstrate.

Your values drive your behavior

Everyone has deeply held beliefs–but few of us can actually articulate what they are. Values mediate between our inner world – our hopes, ideals, dreams, and images — and the external observable world of everyday life and human behavior. When our actions are not aligned with our values we can feel guilt, conviction, and a sense of being “untrue” to ourselves.

Everything in my unconscious seeks an outward manifestation, and the personality, too, desires to evolve out of its unconscious conditions and to experience itself as whole. ~ Carl Jung

Understanding your unique values is important because:

  • Values are identifiable and measurable.
  • You can choose to develop certain values, and starve others.
  • Values shift over time as we mature and learn.
  • They are critical to understanding the inner motivations that drive our outward behavior.

Values in Motion®

Because values are reflected in your outward behavior and because they shift over time, our values are always in a state of motion. The Values in Motion® process take you through an in-depth assessment and mapping using over 125 different values in a nearly infinite number of combinations. The process of understanding your values focuses on aligning your true inner self—your character, with your external persona—the version of yourself that people see in the real world. Where you see drive, others may see arrogance. Were you see self-doubt, others see confidence and potential.

Identifying Your Values

Based on the ground-breaking work of Brian Hall and Benjamin Tonna, Camelot’s Values in Motion® provides leaders with profound insights into the deep rooted principles that drive their daily decisions. Camelot’s Values in Motion® assessment and coaching guides you through the process of values discovery, mapping, and application. It will help anchor your leadership to your most deeply held beliefs, and propel you to the next level of leadership effectiveness. The results give you a highly personalized look at the deepest part of your character and the unseen beliefs that are critical to your success—or failure—as a leader.

Camelot also offers individual and team assessments and coaching using the Values in Motion® method.

Camelot Consulting provides individual coaching for leaders based on the Values in Motion® concepts, as well as organizational consulting for Values in Motion® and the application of stage development for organizations through Culture in Motion®.

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Values in Motion® Values represent our most deeply held beliefs. They are ideals that give significance to our lives. Our values are reflected through the priorities we choose to consistently and repeatedly act upon. For leaders different values become higher priority at different stages of development. What’s more is that values can be chosen consciously and measured and can become a tool that a allows a leader to set a new course for their life’s journey. Growth occurs when our values create transformation in ourselves, in others and in the organizations that we lead.

Values in Motion
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