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Women in Leadership

As long as there have been leaders, there have been great women in leadership. Although most cultures favored a traditionally male approach to leadership, many women transcended the circumstances of their time and place to become truly legendary.

But over the last several generations, we have seen leadership values shift. 

It is a shift toward compassion and collaboration, interdependency and inclusiveness. It is a shift that has favored the advancement of women into senior leadership roles in business and government. Doors that were once closed are now open. And more women walk through those doors of opportunity every day. Three of our past five U.S. Secretaries of State have been women–filling the most powerful and influential diplomatic post in the world.

Even though values are changing, the current leadership structure in most organizations has not. In fact, just 14 percent of executive leadership positions are held by women, and women still earn less than their male counterparts for similar jobs. The traditional approach to leadership—and the value placed on male-dominated leadership styles—still persists.

Many women are now presented with an opportunity created by the gap between shifting values and the current leadership structure.

The savviest women in leadership have cracked the code–leveraging the shift in values, overcoming the structural limitations of their environment, and remaining faithful to their truest self. Those women have rejected the tendency to mimic male leadership styles as an advancement strategy. They refuse to set aside their unique strengths simply to conform. Instead, they adapt and evolve. They find success in the opportunity presented by this gap between their values and the current power structure… and become legendary in the process.

Winning both an internal AND external struggle is the key.

The legendary leader integrates her internal strengths with an external environment that often opposes it. This internal struggle is one of priorities, relationships, fulfillment, purpose, and meaning. As leaders face these internal questions, they are under pressure to change and conform to the external world. What results is a set of seemingly false and contradictory choices. Should you betray your inner convictions for the sake of external advancement? Or should you hold fast to your beliefs and risk being passed over? Through HERvelocity®, Camelot helps you turn the dissonance of the internal vs. external conflict into a masterful symphony. Camelot can show you how to win the internal struggle, integrate it into your external reality, and move to the next level of leadership you’ve always wanted.

We help you achieve leadership success because of your unique strengths–not in spite of them.

The successful leader knows exactly who she is and what she was created to do. She approaches life with resolve and purpose, rejecting the temptation to “act like a man”. She’s connected to her mission, and her purpose exudes from everything she does. She is a leader who has not compromised her deepest internal beliefs and values.

You can reach this level of personal success. You don’t have to wait for the perfect alignment of leadership values and leadership structure in order to advance.  You can achieve your professional goals without diminishing your strengths as a woman. And the legacy you’ll leave will inspire the leaders who come after you to seek you out, and benefit from your mentorship and council.

Camelot provides coaching services specifically tailored to you. We start with an in-depth survey of your strengths and combine that with a comprehensive, values-based leadership assessment so you can discover your purpose, define your mission, clarify your core values and create clear goals and objectives to complete your mission. We then equip you to apply all that you are to your unique leadership situation with the tools you need to succeed no matter what external challenges you are facing.

Are you ready to take the next step?