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Jim Finwick
Meet Jim Finwick

Jim Finwick is the President of the Camelot Consulting Group. For the past three decades Jim has served in leadership roles in his personal and professional life. Jim’s passion for helping people fully realize their potential is evident in every interaction that you have with him. Jim sees the best in each of us, and is especially skilled at releasing greatness where there was brokenness.


Zoheb startup leader "I highly recommend Jim Finwick to advise, mentor, and coach any startup or entrepreneur that can gain from a strong and focused vision. His creativity and charisma make him extremely insightful and an absolute pleasure to be around" ~ Zoheb M. Chelsea startup woman executive “It’s easy to come to a conclusion of how to move forward or what items to think about moving forward after interacting with Jim. there are clear steps that can be developed from working together.” ~ Chelsea B. Will non-profit leader “Jim has a unique breadth and depth of experience that includes technology leadership, staff development, team building and interpersonal coaching, and experience as part of an executive leadership team.” ~ Will R. Tara woman in leadership "Jim has an unmatched and unique ability to peel away layers and truly understand an individual. This gift allows him to coach the whole person, not just the forward facing façade. Jim will use his gentle approach to challenge you to your core.” ~ Tara T. Warren non profit leader “I took Jim’s course at a critical juncture in my life, resulting in significant personal change. Jim’s enduring high-energy communication style, coupled with his transparent leadership insights, has made the course (and Jim) a favorite enterprise-wide among our leaders.” ~ Warren F. Tyler entrepreneur "Jim is the definition of a giver. He’s always willing to go above and beyond for his clients and the people in his life. Jim asks all the right questions and pushes those he works with to view their companies in a multitude of different lights which has been invaluable for us. If you are ready for a transformative experience to bring your business to the next level, talk to Jim!” ~ Tyler B. Suzzie HR leader "In my role as a wellness professional, I see many speakers that present on wellness subjects. In my opinion, Jim is one of the best that I have seen. I highly recommend him for any coaching or facilitation team.” ~ Suzzie M. Sierra Woman startup leader "One meeting with Jim clarified weeks of confusion.” ~ Sierra S. Rob Senior leader "Jim delivers a relevant and timely presentation for leaders and executives while motivating them to maximize their influence and skills in leading organizations. He masterfully blends humor, market insight and relevant illustrations to engage his audience. Jim is an awesome communicator.” ~ Rob L. Sarah Women Executive "Having Jim as a coach means that not only will you succeed at whatever it is you are looking to develop, but you can be completely at rest with him, knowing that ultimately, he cares for you.” ~ Sarah K. Pete technology leader "I’ve been involved with numerous executive coaches in my career, but none as rewarding as Jim Finwick. He is thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable. He has an uncanny way of quickly getting to the heart of the matter – knowing when to dig deeper and when to move on.” ~ Pete S. Paul non profit technology leader "Jim has the heart of a teacher and is very effective at discerning the potential in others and drawing it out. He naturally sees other’s capacity to change, grow, and develop and is energized by being a part of their transformations. He identifies situations and experiences that can stretch someone to help them grow and experience success.” ~ Paul A. Melinda woman executive "His passion for making people more aware of themselves comes through not as criticism or judgment but as opportunities for growth. I can’t remember a single time that I ever felt like I wasn’t good enough either professionally or personally around Jim. Instead, he treats every person with respect and dignity and recognizes their strengths.” ~ Melinda E. Mary technology woman executive "Jim has a way of lightening an environment that feels heavy, a way of working through the “swarm” of information that plays on someone, into a view that feels real and possible.” ~ Mary D. James non-profit executive "Jim cares about the whole person, so when talking with people about leadership or professional development, Jim’s approach is to advise from an understanding of who you are and what uniquely drives you.” ~ James H. Emily startup woman leader "Working with Jim has been nothing short of a great experience. His guidance and thought provoking questions allowed me to expand my knowledge of entrepreneurship  and approach decisions from an unconventional perspective.” ~ Emily P. Alex entrepreneur Jim is my goto person when it comes to leadership advice.  He is able to give advice in ways which resonate with the listener which is a rare skill to find in a coach. ~ Alex H.